IWONT 2011
International Workshop on
Optimal Network Topologies

Brussels, Belgium, July 11 - 15, 2011

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Local Information

Weather in Brussels in July

A good characterization of the local climate is: "do not forget your umbrella or your raincoat"! Normally, temperature is around 20 - 25 °C, but the rain is unpredictable and frequent all over the year; so take care!

How to arrive in Brussels from the National Airport

There is a train inside the airport which arrives directly to Brussels Central which is 200 meters from the Royal Windsor Hotel and the Grand Place. If you are in another hotel, you have the metro just in Central Station or some buses outside the station. Note that the train coming from the airport stops also in the other stations : "Bruxelles Midi" (Zuid Brussels) or "Gare du Nord". If you have some hesitations about which station is better for your hotel, please feel free to contact Dominique (dbuset [at] ulb.ac.be).


In the City center or near the stations (mainly Midi or North stations) you must pay attention in thieves of handbags, cameras, phones or car-jacking.


In Belgium, all prices are "all included" and then you do not have to give tips in restaurants. However, when you arrive at the hotel, if somebody takes care of your luggage, then you may give something. After that it is not necessary (for breakfast or restaurant or ...). If you take a taxi with luggage, you may let around one euro by suitcase, but in other time, do not give tips (they are expensive enough). During excursion, it is normal to let something for the driver at the end of the trip. And to finish: it is not forbidden to let something to the students who help during the workshop.

Mirka Miller, Dominique Buset
Email:   mirka.miller[at]newcastle.edu.au, dbuset[at]ulb.ac.be